We are excited to announce 3 new consulting projects for DC

Market Analysis for Nucleotide Extraction Start-up

A biotech start-up has developed a novel technology that significantly improves nucleic acid extraction from precious and limited human clinical tissues and fluid samples and enhances nucleic acid library preparation for next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing (NGS). By simplifying and accelerating the workflow of clinical sample processing for molecular diagnostic assessment, our client has the potential to provide significant value to clinical diagnostic labs, academic labs, CROs, diagnostic and pharma companies. This project will involve reaching out to scientists and clinicians to assess the market opportunity.

Market Entry for Biotech Company

The client is a biotech company evaluating the opportunity of utilizing an asset for treatment of Hepatitis B and D. This asset has been shown to be effective against a wide range of viruses, with potent anti-Hepatitis C activity in preclinical models and phase I/II/III clinical studies. This project will involve (1) reaching out to scientists and clinicians to assess the market opportunity, and (2) utilize this feedback to outline market opportunities, clinical development strategy, and risks.

Market Entry for Social Media Startup

The client has just launched an autobiographical social platform. It allows members to describe and organize life events, which are then automatically shared with their family members on the platform. The founding team is planning out next steps with regard to the following questions: (1) target age demographics, (2) target countries, (3) website layout, (4) target income levels, (5) digital marketing strategies, and (6) investor outreach. The goal for this startup is to grow a large following while still self-funded, then to acquire venture capital to support expansion of the team and IT infrastructure.

Application Details

We are recruiting consultant teams for these projects in Washington DC. Qualified students and postdocs are encouraged to send a CV and cover letter to Adam Knight (adam.knight@cambridgeconsultingnetwork.com) detailing interest and pertinent qualifications by 5pm local time next Thursday, March 26th. Successful candidates will be notified on Friday, March 27th. Please indicate in the email subject line which project(s) you are interested in.

The workload of these projects is approximately 10 hours/week, including a weekly team meeting (date/time TBA based on team preference); please make sure you are able to commit this time before applying. Projects will start on March 30th and last 8 weeks.

Please note that successful applicants will work on a pro-bono basis.

For more information on CCN, visit our website at http://www.cambridgeconsultingnetwork.com

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