Easter 2019 Projects

The time commitment is between 5 and 10 hours a week, depending on the weekly tasks.

If selected, you must be able to come to the launch event, on Sunday, 28th of April (2-6pm) at St John’s College, Fisher Building, Boys Smith Room.

 FLAGSHIP PROJECTS (duration 8-10 weeks)
The projects below are open for Cambridge students only.

Project 1 – Business Strategy

The client is a healthcare social enterprise, operating in the MENA, that provide amputees with 3D printed myoelectric prosthetics to overcome their limits. CCN will refine their strategy to make it sustainable. A particular focus of the project will be to identify fundraising opportunities to take their venture to the next level. 

Project 2 – Market research

The client is a startup developing a simple to use, rapid, bacterial testing device to be used in industrial manufacturing. The CCN team will conduct a market research in the coolant and lubricant markets in the UK and Germany, to understand the market demand and their competitive position.

A background in microbiology, biology or engineering would be appreciated.

APPLICATIONS have now closed.