Michaelmas 2019 Projects

The time commitment is between 5 and 10 hours a week, depending on the weekly tasks.

If selected, you must be able to come to the launch event, on Sunday, 27th of October (12.30-4.30pm) for the Flagship projects and Saturday 26th of October (12.30-3.30pm) for Insight projects at St John’s College,Old Divinity School, Lightfoot Room.

 FLAGSHIP PROJECTS (duration 8-10 weeks)
The projects below are open for Cambridge students only.

Project 1 – Organisational structure – Semiconductor MNC

The client is a semiconductor design multinational company. It has a complex organisational structure characterised by horizontal departments such as the Development Solutions Group, which leads to challenging resource allocating decisions. CCN will come up with a strategy and research which metrics can be used to assign value to divisions for which output is not measured on PnL (profit and loss).


Project 2 – Market research and pricing strategy – Social Venture

The client is a social venture that promotes International Justice through art. They offer 3 core services: concept events, brokerage and fellowship programmes. Having recently won the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs ‘Ideas Take Flight’ competition, the client is now exploring how to price their core products. CCN will assist the company by conducting market research and developing a pricing strategy for its concept events and brokerage services.

Project 3 – Market research and growth strategy – Business Giving Movement

The client runs a global business giving movement that enables businesses to embed giving into their everyday activities to create giving with real resonance, meaning and purpose. The company is headquartered in Singapore but is looking to expand into the UK. CCN will help in understanding the market for business giving services in the UK and devising an expansion strategy for the company to establish leadership in the UK market.

Project 4 –Market research and analysis – Digital Clothing Start Up

The client is a Cambridge start-up developing washable, wearable, digital clothing. Its products combine adaptive self-tailoring tech with built-in virtual assistant controls to deliver a seamless futuristic experience through daily wear. CCN will validate their own market research and analysis and provide insights into the optimal business model for the company.

Project 5 –Market research and growth strategy – Ice-cream shop

The client is an ice-cream shop in Cambridge that is widely popular with students and tourists. Established in 2010, our client has developed a strong reputation, becoming a household name to all who live in Cambridge. The client has received offers to franchise his business and is considering opening a new shop as well. CCN will help him evaluate his options and produce recommendations for his growth strategy.

Project 6 – Market segmentation and entry strategy – Chip Architecture MNC

The client is a chip architecture multinational company with a prolific incubation team. It’s most recent innovation is an advanced image recognition software with a wide range of potential applications. CCN will provide an insight into the current competitive landscape and assist the company to find the most valuable market areas. This work will help create a successful roadmap for the development of the technology and a strong market entry strategy.

Project 7 – Market research and marketing strategy – Business support platform

The client is a platform dedicated to streamlining collaboration between British and Chinese organisations by providing innovative, full-service business support. This year, our client launched an accelerator programme, based out of Cambridge, which provides businesses and start-ups with early-stage capital and advice on their business plans and China strategies. To have a more targeted approach towards start-ups in Cambridge, the client has partnered up with CCN to better understand the client’s target market and strategise about how they can reach more clients.

 INSIGHT PROJECTS (duration 4 weeks)

The Insight Program is a 4 week-long program where students with  little/no consulting experiences will address problem statements  devised by consultants from IQVIA, a consulting firm specialising in  healthcare. This particular Insight Program will revolve around the  healthcare industry, and students will receive support from working  professionals in that field. With problem statements ranging from  market entry strategy to business diversification strategy,  participants have an opportunity to gain an insight into high-level  strategy consulting for hypothetical clients from the healthcare  industry.  The Insight Program will end with participants presenting  their work to a panel of judges and receiving feedback.



APPLICATIONS OPEN: 9th of October, 10pm.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 21st of October, 10pm.