Summer 2020 Projects
 FLAGSHIP PROJECTS (duration 8-10 weeks)
The projects below are open for Cambridge students only. The time commitment is between 5 and 10 hours a week, depending on the weekly tasks.
You must be available for the (virtual) launch event on the 6th of July, 10 am BST.

Project 1 – Market Research on the Zero Carbon Refrigeration industry

The client is aiming to pioneer barocaloric cooling technology as an alternative to gas compression technology and help the refrigeration industry reduce its significant contribution to greenhouse emissions by completely eliminating CFCs and HFCs. CCN will assist the client in researching commercial refrigeration markets in Europe and the air conditioning market in both Europe and India, identifying opportunities for market entry and shaping the business plan.

Project 2 – Cost optimization and pricing strategy for solar panels

The client is a charity focusing on providing affordable solar panels to power mobile technology for business and educational purposes. Through bridging the digital divide and resource gap, the client hopes to support local communities and aid in poverty reduction & development. The client is looking for assistance in cost-cutting analysis and potential pricing strategy.

Project  3 – User acquisition and revenue generation strategy for digital healthcare product

The client is a go-to self-management digital dermatology healthcare product. It allows users with a skin condition to instantly connect with other users who have a similar condition and profile, enabling exchange of valuable insights and emotional support. Users also have the option to learn medically approved ways to manage their condition and log their self-management activities, all on one platform. CCN will help the client in developing an active customer acquisition strategy and revenue generation model in the competitive digital space.

Project  4 – Market entry strategy for an education advisory start-up

The client is a start-up advising foreign students about UK education. It is currently based in China but aims to expand internationally. According to the client, students are exploited by large consultancy firms that charge excessively high fees and give poor advice. The client wishes to change that through its network of graduates working in top finance firms and studying at prestigious international institutions. CCN will help the client develop a market entry strategy and provide insights on marketing and pricing plans.

CCN x LCAP: Project 5 –  Market research on the beauty therapy industry

The client is a charity that teaches beauty therapy and skills to victims of abject poverty in India and Uganda, restoring dignity and hope to lives devastated by exploitation. Hoping to expand their beauty programmes, they are looking for support on devising corporate partnership strategy, particularly with market research and devising a pitch to approach companies to sponsor their programmes. Consultants have the option to stay on and implement their strategy after the final presentation.


APPLICATIONS OPEN: 22nd June, 10 pm

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 29th June, 10 pm