Easter 2018 Projects
 FLAGSHIP PROJECTS (duration 8-10 weeks)
The projects below are open for Cambridge students only.

Project 1: Market Entry Strategy

A Cambridge-based biotechnological startup facilitating knowledge exchange in the healthcare and life science sector wants to leverage its customer base. CCN will identify which customer segments to target next taking into account market size, competition and segments’ value. The team will also develop a market entry strategy for the best two customer segments.
This project is open to students from all backgrounds, but a mild interest in healthcare and life sciences is advantageous.

Project 2: Marketing and Pricing Strategy

A Cambridge University global health think-tank is looking to develop a more efficient marketing strategy and to revise its pricing strategy. CCN will develop and implement a new marketing strategy based on the society’s success stories and the best marketing practices. CCN will also conduct a thorough search of pricing models used by other businesses and societies.
This project is open to students from all backgrounds.

Project 3: Customer Experience

A multinational technology company is looking into opportunities to improve the quality of its customer experience. The CCN team will undertake a comparative study of best practices to communicate customers’ requests in order to achieve customer service excellence. The team is expected to eventually come up with a customer-centric strategy.
Open to 
students of all subjects. An affinity to technology is beneficial but not mandatory.

APPLICATIONS Open: 12th of April 10am
APPLICATIONS Close: 21st of April 5pm