Lent 2020 Projects

The time commitment is between 5 and 10 hours a week, depending on the weekly tasks.

If selected, you must be able to come to the launch event, on Sunday, 9th of February (Time TBD) for the Flagship projects at St John’s College,Old Divinity School, Lightfoot Room.

 FLAGSHIP PROJECTS (duration 8-10 weeks)
The projects below are open for Cambridge students only.

Project 1 – Business plan for a generic drug company

The client is a rare disease charitable society that focuses on raising awareness, providing support and advancing research on AKU. The patent for the main drug to treat AKU has recently expired, but the generics available up to date are still too expensive for the general public to afford. The client wants to set up a generic drug company that will be in charge of the manufacturing and distribution of this medicine, with special consideration to the developing countries in which the incidence rate is higher than the average. CCN will propose a business model and devise a business plan to make a strong economic case and help the client raise social investment for their enterprise.


Project 2 – Market strategy for a learning platform

The client has developed an app that facilitates learning English and plans to launch this in China. Besides free services such as audio books and online exercises, the app offers an interactive text service which allows students to send in questions about English that will be answered by the client’s team. CCN will propose a pricing and marketing strategy to help achieve an effective market entry for the client.

Project 3 – Market research for an organic wine producer

The client is a fourth-generation organic wine producer from Slovenia. The wine cellar offers a range of different wines, from macerated to late-harvest. The client has decided to focus on production of premium quality organic wines and to expand to an international market. CCN will conduct market research for the UK and US markets in order to understand the attractiveness of said markets and recommend specific distribution channels our client should undertake.

Project 4 – Commercialisation approach for a biotech company

The client is a biotechnology company focusing on developing compounds that boost the body’s ability to defend itself against the damage of aging. The science has been shown to work and company is preparing to raise investment. The client’s short-term goal is to apply the technology to develop a novel cosmetic ingredient. CCN will propose a commercialisation route and a best-in-class business model to help them enter the preferred market space.

Project 5 – Business and operational strategy f0r a chronic pain app

The client has developed a mobile app to deliver non-invasive and non-pharmacological pain coping strategies to help children with chronic pain. The app offers a library of different games and other content format, based on a scientifically proven pain-coping method. CCN will help in identifying the business and operational strategies that fit most to the market and customer segment.



APPLICATIONS OPEN: 22nd of January, 10pm.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 4th of February, 10pm.