Projects for Cambridge, UK and Washington, DC branches for January 2014

Update: Applications are now closed. To be the first to hear about new projects, join our network.

CUSCG has lined up two more exciting projects for January 2014 in addition to the project in London posted in December. Details of these two new projects are below – One will be in Cambridge, UK, and the other will be a joint project between Cambridge and Washington DC branches.

Applications should be sent by CV and cover letter to the email addresses given in the project descriptions. Applications will be open until 5pm on 20th January, and successful candidates will be informed by the 23rd January.

Candidates applying to these projects should have strong experience of business, consulting, leadership, or broadly making an impact as part of a group or committee. These experiences should be highlighted on your cover letter and should be the foremost points on CVs.

Candidates can list the projects they wish to work on in order of preference if they are interested in more than one project.

Please note that the workload of these projects is approximately 10 hours/week, including a weekly team meeting; please make sure you are able to commit this time before applying. Successful applicants will work on a pro-bono basis.

Market entry for Walmart

Walmart is planning to pilot a new service in the US. CUSCG Cambridge, UK branch will perform benchmarking studies in the UK where this market is already mature, and the CUSCG Washington, DC branch will identify a strategy for Walmart to create this new market in the US. This project will aim to be completed by the end of March and should not extend into exam term.

Qualified applicants at all degree levels in Cambridge, UK and Washington, DC are encouraged to apply. Applications in Cambridge should be sent to James Polyblank, james.polyblank (, and applications in Washington should be sent to Adam Knight, adam.knight (

Growth Strategies for Retail Technology Start-up

A retail technology start-up which has recently launched in certain areas of London has asked CUSCG to help them build a strategy for growth into other areas of the UK. This project will involve understanding the start-ups current customers with targeting customer surveys, and using this information to identify promising targets for growth. This project will run from late January until mid-late March (i.e. before the start of exam term).

This project is only open to applicants in Cambridge, UK, and applications should be sent to James Polyblank, james.polyblank (