Past successes (CCN London): Market entry for a Financial Trading Training Services firm

The problem client had was two fold, firstly – how to demonstrate to investors there is a large market for training students with their financial trading training service. Secondly – how to approach entry to this market in Europe. The client needed the first problem solved by reading week so we approached this problem first.

To solve the first problem, the team gathered a large amount of data on expenditure per student from OECD data, and other data from government reports. After this the information was compiled in US$ in the database we created. The problem was then how to present the market size in an easy to understand format for the client and their investors. By discussing with the team the solution was reached to use regional heat maps, and different sized bubbles for different regions.

Regional Heatmaps
Region Bubbles

For the second problem: market entry into Europe, we quickly found that there were a huge number of universities (looking at you Germany), and investigating them all would be ‘boiling the ocean.’ Therefore, we narrowed the scope of the project down to business school in France, and larger universities in Germany, in Benelux we ruled out hodgeschools (technical colleges) which appeared as universities but would not be considered universities elsewhere. Having limited the scope the team set about identifying leads for different European countries. The project helped develop critical thinking so as to avoid being overwhelmed you need to plan clearly to breakdown one large problem to separate sub-problems that are each individually solvable. For CCN consultants I would recommend using the Fishbone framework as this is applicable to many different kinds of problems and allows you to structure your thoughts clearly. 

The Engagement Manager for the project was Robert Beckett. This project was supervised by CCN London.