CCN – LCAP Partnership

The CCN committee is excited to announce that we have partnered with LCAP consulting for one of the upcoming flagship projects this summer! LCAP is a student consulting venture specifically focused on supporting Social Ventures and Research Spinouts with Project Management, accessing new markets, and other bespoke services. They have tackled a range of projects […]

Promoting International Justice Through Art

The flagship projects really are quite unique in giving you a huge amount of responsibility, and autonomy, over something that exists outside of the Cambridge bubble. Whitney Ching, Engagement Manager from one of CCN’s Michaelmas Flagship Projects, tells us about her experience, and how it helped her land her job at IQVIA 1.   What […]


We are delighted to announce that CCN will be running a Case Study (market entry) workshop hosted by Flavio Soriano, an ex-McKinsey consultant from HighBridge Management Academy! It will focus on:– How to approach the Qualitative Case Study– Understanding how to tackle cases related to any business decisions– Learning more advanced tips and tricks to […]

Past successes (CCN London): Market entry for a Financial Trading Training Services firm

The problem client had was two fold, firstly – how to demonstrate to investors there is a large market for training students with their financial trading training service. Secondly – how to approach entry to this market in Europe. The client needed the first problem solved by reading week so we approached this problem first. […]