Applications now open for Michaelmas projects in Cambridge

Update: Applications are now closed. To be the first to hear about new projects, join our network.

CCN is lining up some exciting projects for Michaelmas term. Although we’re waiting for final confirmation from the clients, we don’t want to delay opening applications any further, so we’re now announcing provisional project details below. Further details will be updated here, and will be emailed out to our network, so if you want to hear more details before applying, then make sure to join our network.

We have projects for students with a wide range of different levels of expertise. Students with experience of business, consulting, leadership, or broadly making an impact as part of a group or committee can apply to the main CCN projects (just below). Students with less experience should instead apply to the CCN Insight projects (described towards the bottom of this post). Candidates can apply separately to both the main projects at the Insight projects, and if their application to one of the main projects is successful, their application will be withdrawn from the Insight project.

Applications should be sent by CV and cover letter (further details in project descriptions). Applications will be open until 5pm on Wednesday 23rd October, and successful candidates will be informed by the 25th October. Candidates should be available for the project launch event on the afternoon (provisionally 2pm-5pm) of the 2nd November (details to be announced).

Please note that in the email addresses given below, you should replace “AT” with the @ symbol.

CCN Projects

Candidates applying to these projects should have strong experience of business, consulting, leadership, or broadly making an impact as part of a group or committee. Additional skills and experience may be required on some projects, and this is noted in the descriptions below. These experiences should be highlighted on your cover letter and should be the foremost points on CVs. Candidates who are looking for more introductory experience should instead consider applying to the CCNInsight Projects.

Candidates can list the projects they wish to work on in order of preference if they are interested in more than one project.

Market Entry with Fortune 500 Retailer

CCN are helping a Fortune 500 retailer enter a new market. The client wants us to look at the competition and the consumer in order to identify the best market entry strategy. The competitor side of this project will be carried out in Cambridge, UK, while the consumer side will be carried out by the new CCN branch in Washington, DC.  The client has also expressed a desire to recruit after the project, so this may be especially of interest to those looking to enter this area. Applicants from Cambridge, UK should send their application to James Polyblank (james.polyblank AT Details on the procedure for applications from Washington DC will follow soon.

Reviewing Lending Costs for a FTSE 100 Bank

A FTSE 100 bank has asked us to look at the cost of lending in the UK. This will involve breaking down the cost of lending into an exhaustive list of its component parts, and tracking these components over time. The results will be published widely, and will have enormous impact on monetary policy globally. Strong analytical research skills and an ability to make reasonable assumptions will be needed. An understanding of finance or a passion and ability to learn quickly are an absolutely necessity for this project. The project is only open to applicants in Cambridge, UK, and applications should be sent to James Polyblank, james.polyblank AT

African Pharmacy Chain Entering a New Market

A North African pharmacy chain is successful in their current market and is looking to enter other North African countries. They want CCN to advise them in which countries to enter. This will involve an analysis of why they are successful in their current market, and looking for countries with similar demographics etc, as well as identifying any related risks. The project is only open to applicants in Cambridge, UK, and applications should be sent to James Polyblank, james.polyblank AT

All of these projects will aim to be finished by February/March, and should not extend into exam term. The workload of these projects is typically 10hours/week, and you should make sure you are able to commit this time before applying.

Please note that successful applicants will work on these projects on a pro-bono basis.

CCN Insight Project

The Insight Program’s purpose is to give those who have had little or no experience of consulting hands-on experience work for a real client. The four weeks are designed such that a student will get a good idea of how to approach a real project as a consultant, giving a first real flavor of the industry. The CCN Insight project this year will be with RideBubble,a start-up social enterprise that aims to encourage and facilitate car-pooling across the UK. This is an exciting opportunity to add value to a business that is just getting started, giving CCN room for creativity as well as a fantastic opportunity to contribute to society. Further details of the project will be revealed on successful application. The project will last approximately 4 weeks and will kick-off with training for our consultants on the afternoon of 26th October 1:30-4:30pm, in addition to the main CCN launch on the 2nd November from 2-5pm, so please keep this afternoon free. After the 4 weeks, each team will be required to present findings to the client and will be judged by a panel that will select a winning team. This project is open to applicants in Cambridge, UK, and applications should be sent to Anahita Pradhan, anahita.pradhan AT